Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bristol, England

My Eames family lived in Bristol originally in 1790 but I've been unable to trace my roots further back than that, along with dozens of other Eames' cousins who live in America.  Samuel Eames was sent to live in the country (Orcup, Hereford, England) with his Uncle Samuel Watkins. Orcup is a very interesting place which is located close to the Black Mountains of Wales.  It was originally Welsh so many of the surrounding villages have very hard to pronounce Welsh names.

Now the whole story is a mystery why Samuel was resourced out to his uncle at the tender age of 3 and never returned to either of his parents.  Did his father die? Was his father pressed into military service? Was he killed in the uprising in 1793 when garrison troops killed people on Bristol Bridge.  At the time the people were outraged when the bridge toll that was supposed to expire, did not because the city officials decided to keep it.  There were 11 civilians killed but William Eames is not on the list.  He was in the city directories and tax records from 1790 through 1794. He was a broker of goods and had a warehouse. In 1794 the tax record just stated "the late Wm. Eames and warehouse" so something happened. I found his marriage record, all three of his children were christened at the same church.  Where did his brother and sister go? We've never found trace of them either.

St Nicholas church was destroyed during WWII but it was rebuilt on the same spot as the previous church. Thank heavens we have written records or World War II would have wiped out this information as well.
River Avon
St. Nicholas Church

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