Wednesday, March 30, 2011

England versus America

Garway Church
Doreen, Darla and Sue
Doreen and her daughter Sue gave us a grand tour of Orcop and Garway Hills and took us to dinner and lunch.  They were wonderful lovely people who live there.

Doreen showed us where "the Kitchen" was - during 1840 Wilfred Woodruff held Mormon conferences on this farm. Most residents spoke Welsh and English.

In England there are no plugins in the bathrooms except for electric shavers. No washcloths are used, just hand and bath towels. Their bathtubs are very long and narrow and the toilets are very deep, which uses gallons of water to flush them. Salt and pepper tastes different in England - the pepper is ground very fine and does not have much of a zip. An English breakfast consists of cereal, milk, eggs, toast, grilled tomato, rasher (bacon with very little fat - yum) and sausage, hash brown potatoes, orange juice or fruit, plus tea or coffee.  In American we might have cereal and milk and juice or coffee.  Our bacon is full of fat and very little dark meat. We never ever serve tomatoes with breakfast and in fact, many people skip breakfast.

A lot of towns did not have restaurants so the only place to eat was in an English or Irish pub especially for the evening meal because most shops in England closed at 5 pm. There was nudity in the newspapers and on TV - a bit shocking to me an American. There were B&Bs (bed and breakfasts) everywhere and they were quite reasonably priced (hotels were expensive) and hostels were dirt cheap but not as nice as a B&B.

We headed for London and found a room at the Travel Lodge near Heathrow airport.  I was ecstatic to get rid of the rental car - no more driving in England with a stick shift. Returned the car to Alamo.

On our trip to Missouri we stayed at the Comfort Inn & Suites (we had two queen beds, a sofa bed, chairs, tables, fridge, microwave, bathroom with tub and shower, lots of towels and most had indoor swimming pools. Very different from England but we were also traveling in the states with three kids.

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