Friday, March 18, 2011

Garway Green Man

After going into the Orcop Parish church where we found a list of all the people buried there, none of them were my ancestors. We drove up another hill onto another one-lane road and ended up in Garway.  We were very confused trying to follow a map trying to find Garway Hill. Many of the roads were blocked  because of foot and mouth disease but one sign pointed to Garway Hill so we turned around and went back to that road. We ended up on a very steep gravel road going to White Rocks and both farms at the end were contaminated so we had to turn around on this mountain road with a stick shift car. This was not a hill, it was the side of a mountain! Turning around was not one of my fond moments is all that I can say but I did it. As we got back to the other road that intersected with White Rocks, a lady was coming in and told us which direction to find Dingle Cottage.  John Eames one of Samuel Eames' son lived in one of those farms at White Rocks but I have no idea which one.
Orcop Village

Dingle Cottage

Just our luck, no one was home at Dingle Cottage so we moved forward to the next house where Doreen Ruck lived at Yew Tree Corner.  I had written to her two years earlier and told her we were coming.  She was delightful.  Her and her daughter gave us the grand tour of Orcop and Garway showing us all the homes that my Samuel Eames built.  They even helped us get a room at the Pontralis B&B Railway Station.  The train does not stop there anymore.  It is amazing how many people in the UK want to stay at Railway stations where the old steam engines used to go stop.
Green Man at Garway Church

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