Thursday, March 17, 2011

Much Dewchurch

Inside Much Dewchurch
Much Dewchurch

This tiny parish church is where my Samuel Eames married Nancy Castree (3rd gg grandparents) in a small ceremony in 1817. Dewi is Welsh for David. The people of this community were a mixed group of English and Welsh. It has been a village church for 850 years. There is no longer a priest there full time but one moves about from one parish to another within five parishes.  That was also the case when Samuel lived on Garway Hill. No wonder so many people from this area joined the Mormon Church and left for America. Many people had to wait to get married or have their babies christened or had to travel great distances to another small parish church. Many of these churches have a list of who is buried on the grounds and lists of vicars with dates.

What I expected to see at Garway and Orcop were rolling green hills and tiny villages just like in the Golden Valley. What I found was Orcop village on a small hill and another very large hill called Orcop Hill. Across the valley from Orcop Hill was a very steep hill (foothills of the Black Mountains of Wales). Samuel built his home Suckling Dingle Cottage (now Dingle Cottage).

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