Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from Missouri

All I gotta say is that if I ever have to cross Kansas again in a car, just dig a hole, kick me in it and be done with me.  It is the most boring flat windy place that I have ever been across. 

Before I left for the unknown parts of the United States, I showed my latest earring creations to my friend and she bought one before I had a chance to even put it on my Etsy shop.  These earrings are Venetian Beads that are cone shaped with gold foil encased in shiny amethyst-periwinkle glass (approx. 12mm). They are the highest quality Venetian beads that are handmade from Murano glass. 
Murano glass with gold foil - already sold!

The second pair: I added a Crystal AB Rondelle silver, a 6 mm violet Swaroski crystal adorned by antique silver. 

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