Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Golden Valley

Originally "The Rhydy", now "The Long Barn"

Have you ever heard of the Golden Valley?  It actually exists and the view from Dorstone is one of the most magnificent views that I have ever seen. As far as the eye could see, there were green valleys and small rolling hills.  I dreamed that England looked this way. As soon as we left Wales, the weather turned warm and sunny.  We stopped at Michaelchurch Eskley trying to locate the Rhydy which was the home that John Eames built (Samuel Eames my 3rd great grandfather was living with his son's family there). It's a lovely home and has changed hands numerous times.  They changed the name to "The Long Barn" and turned the house into a holiday rental property. It is situated in the heart of beautiful Herefordshire countryside with spectacular views overlooking the Black Mountains and Offa's Dyke (centrally heated, self-catering cottage that sleeps six). There was a very long barn on this property along side of the hand-built stone home that John and Samuel Eames built (stone masons).  They hosted traveling missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints many times because they had become members of this church and then the whole family immigrated to America.

John Eames family with a bearded Samuel Eames in the back 

CMW Farm - Dorstone (Once a Maddy home)

Peterchurch is where the Carvers lived.  Mary Ann Eames married John Carver on the ship "Josiah Bradlee". They sailed to New Orleans in February of 1850, took another boat up the Mississippi River to St. Louis and lived there until Mary Ann's younger brother Henry Eames came to America in 1851.  She was the only daughter of Samuel Eames. They crossed the plains to Utah in April of 1853 by ox-wagon and walking. They arrived in Salt Lake City on September 3, 1853.

The Carvers had also lived in Dorstone and we took photos there of the Carvers home and where the Maddy family lived (my Aunt Velma Maddy's roots are from Dorstone).  

Llan Farm, Dorstone (another Maddy home)

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