Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Orcop and Garway Hill

The Golden Valley in Herefordshire with its marvelous green valleys and small hills dotted with farm animals here and there was worth its weight in gold.  Such a beautiful place and to think, my ancestors lived there. They were not wealthy but stone masons who built many of the homes that are still filled with new families today. Next to Dorestone was Arthur's stone but of course, we couldn't visit it because of the foot and mouth disease.  They had just culled all of the animals from Orcop and Garway when we arrived there.  So sad, killing and burning all of those animals.

Orcop hill view the year before we were there

Does it not remind you of a patchwork quilt with various shades and colors? 

With some patches bright - and some patches dark,
And some that seem ever so dull -
But if we were given to set some apart,
We'd hardly know which to cull.

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