Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ugliest Cars in the UK

Dublin's traffic was unbearable so I parked the rental car and we took a bus to see the sights in Dublin, Ireland. My daughter pointed to a car that she thought was the ugliest car that she had ever seen.  I totally agreed with her.  It has buggy eyes and is called a Fiat Multipla.

We also saw a BMW Isetta Bubble which only had three wheels. Talk about an unusual car - this was it! I would not feel very comfortable riding in a three-wheeler. I keep thinking that it would fall over with the first curve.

After we arrived home from our trip to the UK, I found a website called "the Ugliest Cars in Britain".  Check it out, it's totally funny! Well Britain doesn't have much over the US, there is a website called "the Ugliest Cars in America."

To let the bus driver know that you want a ride, you hold your hand out toward the street. It was a beautiful sunny day when we boarded one of those red double-decker busses that was heading toward City Center in Dublin. One of the more interesting places that we visited was Trinity College Library with its ancient library.  They had hundreds of archaic books that took my breath away just looking at the book spines. There were two staircases leading to the second floor made of black wrought iron that spiraled upwards.  These staircases were made for short thin people; I imagine that most Americas would be too tall or too wide to make it to the second floor. I was reminded of an Indiana Jones movie when Indy was searching in a library with his father. The staircases were roped closed so some fat American must of gotten stuck.

One of the true treasures of this library is the Book of Kells - wow - I was impressed. The latin script and artwork of the four Gospels of the New Testament was beyond my imagination. The patience to sit and draw the intricate drawings and lettering in this 6th century manuscript is more than most of us have. (They really don't know the exact century that it was created but it was between 6th to 9th century.) See the sample below:

Not only did they have the Book of Kells on display, but they also had some of the first printed Bibles from Germany.  

Later, that day we had a very interesting lunch at a place where you dished up your own portions of food cafeteria-style. I thought they had fruit salad with whipping cream so I put a big dollop onto my plate only to find out later that it was mushrooms in cream - not one of my favorites! 

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