Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Shambles

While looking for another church in York, we came across the Shambles.  Walking was very difficult on the cobblestones within this narrow walkway. Being the oldest street in Europe and also being mentioned in the Domesday Book, it has become a tourist area full of quaint little shops.  Originally, it was a street of butchers.  Some places in the street are so narrow that if you stand in the middle with outstretched arms, you can touch houses on both sides.  

A lady who lives in York stopped to chat with us because I asked if she knew where Christ's Church was.  She had no idea.  As we came out of the Shambles, it opened up into King's Square and right in the middle was a monument and a tree dedicated to the very church that I was searching for. Looking at the brick flooring, we found that there was still epitaphs of the departed who were buried there. This church that is no longer there was where my 4th great grandmother was christened in 1773.

Not far from King's Square, we found a Thai Restaurant which by the way, had excellent food.  I kept hearing that the food in the UK was awful and boring but apparently, those people are ones that go on tours and only eat where the tour buses stop. 

One of the very intriguing gates of York:
Michael Bar

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