Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to Dublin

We finally made it back to Dublin.  I turned in the rental car; it was like being free of a headache.  We found a B&B called Tara Hill and had a dinner date with Robby, a friend of Darla's.  He took us south of Dublin into the mountains to a town called Bray. We had dinner in a nice pub and a tour of Bray.

In the morning while waiting for our taxi to take us to the Irish ferry, we struck up a conversation with an English man.  He professed to being related to Jackie Gleason. He asked Darla to send him a postcard from Utah. The only reservations that we made the whole trip through Ireland was the car rental and the first B&B in Dublin.

It took us four hours to cross the Irish Sea to Liverpool, our next adventure.

I loved the red door.

Fancy McDonalds in Bray, Ireland

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