Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I loved about Ireland

Their mouth watering chocolate. Not one chocolate factory in America can compete.
The best hot chocolate that I've ever had in my entire life time. It was rich dark and dangerously yummy.
The friendly and hospitable people who live there.
The kindred spirits who have moved there.
Ancient documents.
Mysterious ancient sights and places.
The friendly visitors from other parts of Europe.
The young Irish man who had me follow him in his car so that I could find the bed and breakfast where I had reservations.
The wonderful breakfasts served at the B&Bs.
Ireland didn't mess up my car reservations like England did.
The mission office in Dublin let me phone London to see if someone had turned in my passport.  Someone had and the airport held it until we left the UK.  That was a load off my mind.
Using tablespoon size spoons and not tiny teaspoons.
The extremely talented drivers who live in Ireland like the young man who came out of an alleyway in Limerick with a lorry and missed hitting the widow of a shop on the opposite corner by inches.
Rainbow colored tissues in a kleenex box.
Gigantic portions of fish - in America we get about a third size of what you get in the UK.
The B&Bs who did laundry service for a minimal fee.  What a time saver since I only took one small carry-on suitcase and enough clothes for a week intending to spend three weeks in Europe.  My friend couldn't believe that I only took one suitcase!

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