Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Belted cows

I had never felt the need to take a photo of a cow but the year that we toured Ireland changed that.  As we were approaching the Dingle Peninsula, we saw a herd of cows not far from the road. Each cow had a two foot wide white belt that encircled the entire cow. The rest of the cow was brown. I have never seen any cow that looked like these cows in America.  

Dingle was a delightful town with Easter-egg-colored houses.  We found a wonderful Italian Restaurant called Novo Centro, which had very delicious food.  Since we stayed at a hostel, we decided that an upscale restaurant offset the cost.  It was worth every Irish punt! 

The next day we purchased a few snacks and a box of kleenex.  To my surprise, when I opened the kleenex box, every tissue was a different color.  

The photo below is of the town of Dingle looking north (I think).  

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scenic. I love the details!

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