Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thornton le Dale

This absolutely delightful cottage took my breath away and is apparently one of the most photographed cottages in England.  In front of this cottage is a clear stream of slowly moving water that runs throughout the village, reminding me of a calm running river filled with trout.  Talk about picturesque and quaint, it was the very essence. We stopped in Thornton le Dale because that is where our Dobson family had lived before they moved to the large compacted city of people in York.

Thornton le Dale Church

After walking about, looking at tombstones in the front and back of the church, we decided to travel onward toward my goal of reaching Kingston Upon Hull.  If I had known how quickly we could reach the eastern side of England, we would have spent a bit more time in York and Thornton le Dale.  Oh well, such is life!

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