Thursday, February 17, 2011


We arrived in Liverpool at 5 PM.  Took a taxi to the Dolby Hotel on Queen's Dock right next to the River.  Our view from the room looked out onto the docking water where we watched a group of students learning to navigate kayaks. The room was very compact with bunkbeds; Darla slept in the upper bunk. It was a moderately priced (36 pounds or $52.19) hotel, very clean and nice. Darla said that the bathroom was so compact and small that it reminded her of the bathrooms on airplanes. Later, in their cafe, we had nachos and hot chocolate. The nachos were extremely spicy hot although we ordered mild - a very small amount of peppers but our mouths were burning. They don't have Mexican restaurants in Ireland.
Albert Dock

The next day we did a walking tour of where the Beatles were famous - there were life-sized bronze statues of them inside the Cavern mall area. We walked to Albert Dock and found the Beatles Story so we bought tickets.  It was okay but perhaps the bus tour would have been better.  I enjoyed the dock more than the Beatles Story; there was even an area where they do a weather report from floating pieces shaped liked Ireland and the UK. Darla said she had seen it often on the telly.

Floating weather station

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