Monday, September 12, 2011

James and Fanny Eames in Wales

Brynmawr, Wales

Brynmawr, Breconshire, Wales
June 24, 1879
Dear Brother & Sister,
We now endeavour to write a few lines to you again hoping it will find you in good health as it leaves us. At present we have been waiting a long time for a letter and your photograph. We now send ours again and our dear son who is this day one year old, it being mid summer day. He is a fine good-tempered little fellow. He has been little trouble to us as regards sickness and of course, I need not tell you that he is the best boy in this town. We take for granted that your leisurely breaks are filled up playing with either son or daughter by this time. Our son’s name is John Richard Eames. I want to bring him out to America. I do not see any chance of getting along as I wish to here, the depressed state of trade which still exists in this country which hinders working men using little above the state of existence. 

There are great numbers emigrating to America and different parts of the globe. They are tired of waiting for better times here and so am I. As soon as my wife is willing, I shall cross the Atlantic but she does not like to leave her parents who live next door to us and she never lived anywhere from home till we were married so such cases makes hard partings.  Her parents are natives of Beaufort. Her father is a Minister with the Calvinistic Methodist Church. He has acquired the Welsh Language in which he preaches and most frequent since he came here to Wales. Well, I hope that you are enjoying good harvest weather. We have had a long and hard winter here, very much snow & frost. We have had much rain lately, crops look more flourishing than we expected but late. I thought of going down in the country this week. I have not heard from nor seen any of the country folks since I wrote to you last. We have been putting off writing from one time to another waiting for a convenient time to have one likeness taken one thing or the other coming in the way. I hope we shall get yours soon. We were very glad to hear that you were getting on so well and to hear from all the rest of the folks out there. Please remember me to all in going friends. Please do not delay writing as we have this time. We were delighted to hear from you so soon and send likenesses.  We will try and write a little often for the future. We are still in the same place. Well, dear brother & sister I think that I have no more particular at present as my wife will write a little to accompany this. To all Conclude with kindest regards to you both from your Brother & Sister

James & Fanny C. Eames

Notice in James' letter how he ran out of space to write so he wrote the other direction over words that he had already written.  It is amazing that the whole letter could be read!

Try to find neighbors who lived in the same area - they might be very helpful in your search. 

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