Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poland is Tops in Doll Collection

This little lady representation of a doll in costume comes from Krakow.  She is actually on a card. I have not seen other countries with this type of cards.  Have you? It my be that I have not really looked.

 This little guy is not porcelain but is from Brazil.

From his fancy hat, hang all these wonderful multicolored ribbons.

 My little lass from Poland is sewing away.
 I love her long braided blonde hair.

She is not shy but just busy sewing. Even though she is made of wood and cloth and not porcelain, she has a place in my heart.  As she sits on her wooden bench, I am reminded of the time that I learned to embroider pillow cases when I was a teen. One of my dear friends who has been to Poland several times, brought her back for me.

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