Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grandma's Tin

It's just an old tin that belonged to my grandma.  Paint is coming off the edges but you can still see the pattern on top. I ask myself why I keep it. Why don't I just toss it out.  We are part of the throw away society whereas my grandma belonged to the keep everything and reuse it era.  She cut into strips old coats and clothes and sewed them end to end until she had a giant ball.  She took several balls and made woven rugs. For thinner material such as cotton, she made her own diamond shaped template and cut the cloth  making star quilts (all before the fancy new sewing machines and special cutting and measuring tools that are used today). 

She was a saver - she cut buttons off all the old clothing and put them into this tin.

Here is a life time of buttons - some are antique and some are more modern. I can't bring myself to throw away the buttons nor the old beat up tin.

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