Monday, September 5, 2011


A bit of my heritage from my grandparents: This very unique picture of the Salt Lake Temple was given to J. Roy and Clarissa Eames as a wedding present. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple way back in 1914. I always thought that the frame was wood but in the process of moving one year, a piece chipped off from the frame where it was evident that the frame was not made of wood but a type of plaster which was painted to look like wood.
It has a bubble glass covering and within the picture itself are small areas where mother of pearl was added.  Such a striking and special effect does not seem to be in modern pictures.

J. Roy's father owned a car in 1900 which they called the "tin lizzie" but I don't think that J. Roy owned a car in 1914. He may have borrowed ole "tin lizzie" to drive from Almo, Idaho to Salt Lake City or he could have taken a buggy with horses.  If he took a buggy, the trip would have taken about 12 days because it took that long to drive from southern Idaho to Salt Lake in a wagon or buggy.
J. Roy Eames and two of his sisters
Clarissa Eames
The line up: cars and buggies in the early 1900s at Almo, Idaho.

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