Thursday, September 8, 2011

Porcelain Dolls

My friend Darylene, who lives in Boise, makes fine collectible porcelain dolls.  This unique hobby of hers has kept her fingers busy making elegant dresses with lace and bows and painting faces with just a slight pink blush, a well defined brow line and adding hair with that perfect do.  She has made numerous dolls through the years so much so that she has two 6 foot tall curio cabinets to hold her most precious dolls keeping them dust free while being able to view them through the glass.

I have four porcelain dolls: one is called "Karolina".  She was born in Krakow, Poland on Christmas Eve. Every year her mother has her dress in her native costume to celebrate the the holidays and her "Name Day".  In Poland they do not celebrate the birth day but the Name Day which can be found on most Polish calendars. You can tell from which region of Poland that she is from by the lace, scarf, embroidery type used to decorate the vest, blouse and apron.

When Polish Dance Troops come to America, they always wear the red beads as seen on Karolina. They are not from Poland unless they wear the black boots - most do not have the tie ribbons on them though.
Some dancers from Poland wear red boots. I bought her from a Christmas Around the World doll party 16 years ago. Her delicate blue eyes open and close - they are very close to the color of my eyes.

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Paulette said...

What a charming doll. Does she stay out all year long or just make an appearance during the Christmas holidays?

Ruth Kelly said...

She stays out the entire year - she's not shy.

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