Thursday, September 29, 2011


Do you ever think that you are awesoME? Each individual has talents that makes them awesome. I have trouble thinking that I am awesome even though I have accomplishments that I never dreamed of doing.

I published a book called "Eames and Edwards Lineage". It grew and grew and after seven years of research and gathering, it became over 1,000 pages long.

I traced my lineage back to the 1600s in Poland.

I learned to translate Polish records although I never mastered Russian records.
Alcan Highway - Mostly Dirt when I Drove It

I drove the Alcan Hiway through Canada and into Alaska by myself and lived in Alaska for 7 years. The only part that was scary was the Northern Lights.  It spooked me because I had never seen them.

I had three beautiful babies. I lived through the death of two of my children. I think about those poor pioneers who lost babies and children in trekking across America and had to bury them in the prairies.

I took Scuba Diving Lessons with my daughter when she was in college. The youngsters in the class thought it was cool that a mother was taking a class with her child. When it came time for certification, we did not go.  Two reasons come to mind:  I was not ready and needed more time in the pool and they wanted the class to go in March with six inches of snow on the ground to a lake near the Nevada border to some lake that was dark and mirky to certify.  There was a hotpot in Midway that was clear and 30 feet deep - that would be my chosen place to certify but we never got that far. Both of us did finish the class, however, and I got we both passed with a B+.

Some of my new creations are found in Dians Jewelry Shop on Zibbet.

These earrings are about 2.5 inches long.

One of my favorite colors: Cobalt Blue Bracelet on magic memory wire. I have earrings that match.

These earrings are almost 3 inches long.

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Your jewelry is lovely, I think perhaps you should do a give away with a pair of your wire creations.

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