Friday, September 16, 2011

James Eames Sister Sarah

Sarah Ann Eames Carver

I found a book at the Family History Library In Salt Lake that was contributed by a cousin who lived in Missouri. I called her and as we were talking, she asked me if I knew our cousin Barbara from Orem, Utah who had called her just five days ago.  She suggested that I contact Barbara whom I had never met.  Barbara and I got together and spent hours sharing information on our Eames family.  Barbara is a direct descendant of Sarah Ann Eames.

Sarah Ann Eames was born at Garway Hill, Herefordshire, England on January 23, 1848. She was the second child of John and Sarah Elizabeth Powell Eames. Her older brother was James and her two younger brothers were Henry and Edwin.  In 1854 while living at White Rocks, Sarah was only six when she lost her mother. Her mother gave birth to twin baby girls who died just after they were born and then Sarah’s mother died right after the twins.  When Sarah was eight, her father married Hannah Jenkins. Finally after Sarah’s aunt and three uncles had been in America for years, the rest of the Eames family including her grandfather Samuel Eames boarded a steamship for America. They took a train to Wyoming except for Sarah’s three brothers who went to Missouri. The Eames family traveled to the Great Salt Lake Valley by wagon train. Sarah was 20 when they crossed the plains. Some of the Eames family slept in the wagon while the others slept on the ground or underneath the wagon. 

Sarah corresponded with her three brothers in Missouri often. All three of her brothers thought that Mormonism was foolishness. They tried to convince Sarah to come to Missouri to live. On June 18, 1870, Sarah’s Aunt Mary Anne Eames Carver passed away.  Sarah became the third wife of John Carver on January 9, 1871.  She was 23 and he was 49.  

Sarah Ann Eames Carver and three of her children.

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