Friday, October 26, 2012

Gratitude Friday

I am glad the snow storms are over and the sun is out today melting the inch of snow on my grass. Ogden got about a foot of snow so I am glad I live further south.

I am grateful for my cousin who is celebrating her birthday. All of her children and grandchildren live close by - how I envy that since mine are so far away this year.  I have grown to love texting because I get little bits here and there from cousins and my daughter which helps me realize that I still have loving relatives somewhere in the world.

I usually connect with Liv Lane's blog on Friday but she is taking a break from bliss.

I am blessed to know three people whose birthdays are today. Each of these heart warming individuals have such a glorious glow about them and I am blessed to have their friendship.

My chiropractor has these tees for sale at his office:

I learned that one of my photo software programs can seam two photos together either side by side or top and bottom.  It just goes to show you that reading a few "how to's" or just playing around can release tools that were already there. Duh!


Anne said...

I cant believe you have already had snow Ruth! There is a forecast here for a possibility of snow this weekend and my stepson has had snow in Newcastle where he is at university today. Keep warm!

Paulette said...

I am grateful for having such a wonderful friend and cousin, thank you.

Rosie said...

You've already seen snow? We too have had some over here in Scotland and the North of England but where we live yesterday was crisp, dry and sunny and we had a lovely day out for which I am grateful:)

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