Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm Prep

Rec center getting ready for the big party

I found this quote from another blog called Cafe Casey.

"Water: I do not believe in plastic bottles. I find them wasteful. I have a Brita pitcher and an old college Nalgene bottle.  But since everyone else was buying water, I did, too. Storm prep is no time for personal assessments–it’s time to race old ladies to the last whatever-you-don’t-need and claim it victoriously."

Another item people seem to load up their shopping baskets with is bread - why? Is it the staple of our lives? My first thought as I read this blog is that it was a male writer but wrong - it was a woman. I guess I am old fashioned in thinking Casey is a male name but now a days, young women in our area have names like MacKenzie, Madison, Riley, Taylor, Morgan, Kennedy, and London.  From my perspective after spending 35 years doing genealogical research, if we did not have good records these days, names like MacKenzie would be a total nightmare in deciphering if the person was a male or female.  It makes you wonder where this trend came from and why feminine names are disappearing from part of our population.

My prayers go out to those suffering loss on the east coast of the United States and those in Canada too.


NanaDiana said...

There's a lot of truth in this humorous post! xo Diana

Cranberry Morning said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to know what the younger generation considers to be 'staple' items. :-)

Susan said...

Hi Ruth....Some of the "made up" names for children nowadays are pretty amazing, too. Don't know how the little ones are ever going to learn how to spell their names! Yikes! Sometimes I can hardly pronounce them.

All's well here in western Massachusetts. Sandy passed through but spared us the wreckage New York and New Jersey are suffering. Susan

Anne said...

There is a trend over here in UK to name children with surnames as first names, similar to those names you have mentionned. I like proper girl and boys names, Old fashioned I may be and biblical names are among my very favourites.I gave my boys Saints names and they dont date!

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