Monday, October 22, 2012

She Tugs at my Heart

My little granddaughter tugs at my heart - after all, my daughter and grandchildren were living with me when she was born and they lived at my home for 8 months while my son-in-law was doing military training. 

I was trying to find the photo of my kids showing the Annie dress and a crayon which I made.  I had already scanned the photo and accidentally found it on my computer a couple of days after I had scoured all of the my picture albums spending way too much time trying to find one old photo.
I wonder if this had an influence on my daughter because now she actually does her hair a red auburn when she is one of those natural blondes whose hair never turns light brown. I was always steamingly jealous of my older brother because his blonde hair never turned brown. It just went from blonde to a grey blonde.


Jo said...

Awww, your grandaughter is just a little cutie.

Paulette said...

A heart filled with joy from grandchildren is a blessing.
You are a very good sewer, I like Anne, but I think the crayon is the best.

Jane and Chris said...

So cute!
I was born with black hair,it all fell out and came back white's gradually got darker over the years but I have almost white near my temples.. it's not gray!!.(Oh, yes it is!)
Jane x

Anne said...

Grandchildren are so precious Ruth arent they? I love mine to pieces!

Cranberry Morning said...

What cute photos. That little granddaughter is darling. And your daughter as Annie? Love it!!

June said...

Great photos.

Susan said...

Hi Ruth...Your grandbaby is darling, darling, darling.

By the way, the Creme Brulet French toast is to die for. Really delicious but not figure friendly. If you ever want the recipe, just let me know. Susan

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