Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Upside Down

I just could not resist;
he was so cute just
looking at the world
upside down.

Sometimes I feel that I am
looking at the world in the
same way. It gives a
whole different perspective.

I borrowed him from Pinterest
which draws me in now and
then.  At first I was like a junky
with a computer habit that I
was compelled to go to.

I have friends who don't do
anything with Pinterest - they
do not get it. You cannot get
hooked unless you participate.
They are non-participaters.


June said...

What an endearing photo. I have never been on Pinterest - there's not enough hours in the day so if I don't bother I don't know what I've missed!

Jo said...

I've got a thing for owls, they're so cute. I don't do Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter. This blogging malarkey takes up enough of my time as it is.

Jane and Chris said...

Ditto Jo!!
Jane x

Anne said...

Oh how cute is that owl?

Lyn said...

Lovely owl photo! I have to say I love pinterest and think it is a great idea but yes can be addictive! Xxx

Rosie said...

He is such a cute owl! I've never used pinterest or twitter but do use facebook occasionally to catch up with what my nieces and their children are doing. Blogging, reading and family history take up most of my spare time and they are addictive enough:)

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