Thursday, October 4, 2012


I actually found this photo on Facebook. I am not enamored with Facebook as my daughter is but I go take a peek every blue moon to see if she has added pictures.  I do, however, enjoy the birthdays. I must say that I have never had so many people wish me a happy birthday except on Facebook.

So this is what I borrowed from it to share for Halloween month.

Many moons ago, I was on a cruise ship going through a canal that was built during WWII by Massachusetts. We were all on deck looking at the scenery on both sides of the ship and at the tiny boats in the waterway that we were passing when all of a sudden, an old fella in a small fishing boat with an outboard motor, just dropped his pants along with his undies and mooned the whole ship. Well, I never! And yes, I have ever been mooned again.


Anne said...

That made me smile Ruth!

Rosie said...

There are a lot of pumpkins behind the behind! Like you I'm on facebook but only pop on now and again to see what my nieces and their families have been up to:)

Paulette said...

You have had many interesting things happen to you during your travels. I sure hope your trip in November will produce more stories for you to share. Cute post.

Jane and Chris said...

I have never been mooned...did you laugh or were you taken aback?
Jane x

Jo said...

Ha ha, cheeky. I'm still not on Facebook or Twitter, I've managed to avoid both so far.

Fit and Healthy Baby Boomers said...

Never have I thought of a fall decoration like this one! I'll share with my kids. They'll get a laugh. And...last time I was mooned was probably 40 years ago. Oh thank goodness.

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