Friday, October 19, 2012


These are the Halloween sox that I sent my daughter for one of her birthday gifts. They truly are not my style at all but my daughter does like stripes and polka dots!  You need a little whimsey in your life now and again.

My daughter was born on Alaska Day which is a holiday in October but of course, only those in Alaska celebrate it.

I called my friend Becky whom I used to work with before I had to retire. We get together not often enough but it was a good visit with a promise to do lunch within the next week or two. She did have sad news that her sister passed away from cancer two weeks ago.  It touches everyone.

Today is the best day this week.  It has warmed up to 70 again and my roses still have some lingering flowers that did not freeze or dry up.

I was able to watch the last two episodes of Warehouse 13 from the SYFY channel on my computer yesterday.  Free, all free. Not so for the USA channel.


Jo said...

Love the socks, they remind me of Tigger from Winnie The Pooh. Sorry to hear about your friend's sister, sad times.

Shopgirl said...

Good morning Ruth, I love those socks. I would wear them everywhere just because I am a goober. I have been posting, but not commenting, it seems like everytime I get on the computer someone calls. Ya Ya, I have a million excuses! I went back to see all that you have been doing, you have been a busy girl. We continue to work on the Loft. I will be texturing with Arney today.
I hope yours is a wonderful Fall Weekend! Your, Mary

June said...

Love the Halloween socks!

greenthumb said...

The socks are great hope she loves them.

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