Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who Calls at 6:30 AM?

I was sleeping peacefully all snuggled down in my comfy bed.  It was not too hot even though Utah has been rather muggy this week; it was not too cold. The glorious cool morning hours are when I get my best rest and I tend to wake up remembering my dreams.

There was a burglary in our neighborhood last week and they were caught so everyone who was burgled got their stuff back. I have been more aware that I need to lock all my doors and windows since we have a plague of druggies running around stealing whatever they can to keep their habit going.

I started keeping my purse and my phone next to my bed so that I could use the remote key to start the car horn outrageously honking in case someone broke into my house and so I could call 911 immediately.

Promptly, at 6:25 AM my phone startled me awake with the duh duh duh, duh - some tune that I don't recognize except that I liked the deep resonating sound of it when I found it on my phone. All the other tunes were too high pitched! I reached down to get my phone when it stopped so I looked to see who was rudely calling  too early in the morning. Can you believe it, it was Dr. Bizzant's office canceling my 10 AM appointment for that day? But 6:25 AM - who in their right mind calls that early?
I felt like this overly rouged lady with the red hair and giant eyes from the Hospital gift shop. I must say that I don't know anyone who has such tiny red lips.

From now on, I turn off the sound to my phone - I don't take phone calls until after 9 AM.


Lyn said...

that is far too early!

Anonymous said...

wow, that office opens early!!! She does have tiny lips, sleep well tonight,

NanaDiana said...

That is funny, Ruth. A few months ago I got a call before 7am cancelling a doctor's appt, too. You can bet they would not be on the receiving end at that hour. Funny red haired lady there- xo Diana

June said...

In my job I get woken up by phone calls all hours of the night and it is frustrating and tiring so you have my complete sympathies. Hope you slept well last night!

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