Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today I snuck over to Pinterest and borrowed some nifty ideas. This one is so cute, I am ready to run out to the store and get it.

Talk about mind blowing and futuristic, I would love to have a toaster like this one.

It used to be when you saw a mouth watering goody that you could click on the photo or caption below and it would take you to the website where the recipe was hiding or to the site where this gaget was found but today it just wouldn't work. 

Does anyone out there is blogland know if these really work? To me, it looks like they would just beat the material to death to make them soft which would make your clothes fall apart faster.


Anne said...

They do work Ruth, I can vouch for that but they fall apart pretty quickly, the balls that is not the clothes.I never bothered replacing the ones that split though.

June said...

My mum bought me some but I really didn't see much difference and then the dogs found them and that was the end of the balls!

NanaDiana said...

My daughter has used those rubber dryer balls for a couple of years and loves them. They soften the clothes and do not damage them as far as I know. They also are chemical free which was a biggie for her.

Love the "man with the light" and the toaster- who knew? xo Diana

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