Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Highway 1

Highways in the US are numbered but do any of your states have a highway 1? California's highway 1 is a winding close to the edge of a cliff with some parts of the road falling off into the ocean.

Although, I remember finding country roads in Missouri with A, b and bb which being from the west, I found unusual and mysterious.
House behind the tree on a outcropping west
of Highway 1.

Pacific Ocean 

Highway 1


Jane and Chris said...

I'd be a dangerous driver on that highway, I'd want to look at the views rather than the road.
Jane x

Anne said...

We have the M1 does that count?! By the way the views are nowhere near as beautiful as yours on highway 1 !

NanaDiana said...

Years ago I traveled the whole distance of Hwy 1. It is a gorgeous spot of road -reninds me of the Highway to Heaven. xo Diana

Jan said...

Road numbers in England are a bit random. The M1 motorway roughly follows the route of the A1, while the M6 similarly follows the A6. My local motorway - the M5 - shadows the route of the A38....!
Hope that you're having a good day.

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