Sunday, October 16, 2011


When I lived in Elba with my grandparents, I was sent to Primary. Mary Joyce and I were friends and in the same class.  We were both fat children, not chubby but fat. The other kids in school always picked on us with sayings liked, "tubby tubby 2 by 4, couldn't get through the kitchen door." Very hurtful but kids have always been that way and continue to be that way.

Each person in Primary had a bright green bandana. This bandana was worn around your neck.  There was a checklist to pass off. When one passed off an item, you got emblems to attach to your bandana. I think it was similar to Brownies in the Girl Scouts.
The white bird was a seagull - tied to the pioneers who were saved from starving to death in the Salt Lake Valley. The Seagulls came and ate the black crickets that were eating all of the crops. The open blue book was for scriptures memorized. Primary graduate - yes, I did it.

The notes were for music learned and the white building was the Salt Lake Temple. I don't remember what the blue bird and canary were about or the red shoe with wings.

The lantern may have been tied to the Bible story of when the the Lord knocked and 5 virgins were ready with their lamps full of oil but the other 5 virgins did not have full lamps and could not go with the Savior. There is another scripture that says, let your light shine, don't hide it under a basket.

The house was for home and family which is the second most important thing in a person's life.  Jesus Christ is absolutely the most important supreme being in this life.
This tiny silver medallion was a celebration of 25 years of primary from 1929 through 1954. The primary years were from age 4 through age 11 and I can guarantee that 11 year olds cannot not wait until they turned 12 to move onward into the Young Women's Program.

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