Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Have you Heard About the "Bacon Font"?

I kid you not - there is a bacon font made from real bacon.  I heard about it on the radio so I had to look it up and sure enough - there it was right in my face.

First they took raw greasy stick to your fingers bacon and cut it with scissors. Then taking strips of bacon, letters were shaped. How about those slimy fingers after handling bacon for hours?

I don't know why someone needs to have another font added to the bazillion fonts that are available out there  for us to choose from.

I guess, in my own limited opinion, it is because this person, Henry Hagreaves, is nuts about bacon. How many pounds of bacon did you use Henry?

I made up these little antique gold owls just for myself but I have another pair with sparkling fire topaz eyes.

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