Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Card Dolls from Poland

I absolutely positively love these little cards that were given to me from a dear friend who has been to Poland twice.  They really do look like dolls.

This young man is from the mountain area called Tatra.  It is a two hour drive from Krakow; his outfit is a fine wool for those blistering cold winter nights. The Tatry Mountains are called the "Polish Alps".
Her skirt is typically made from wool - she too is from this magnificent mountain region.  Notice the red beads and embroidered vest. She and her partner are therefore, from Zakopane.
Tatry mountains are part of the Carpathian Mountain Range that lie along the borders of Slovakia and Poland. The highest peak in Poland is 8,198 - not quite as high as our beautiful peaks in the Rocky Mountains but close. How delightful it would have been to ski there but I fear that my ole knees would never cooperate.

This couple came from Krakow. The women always wear the red beads and wear either black or red boots.
Another fellow with the white blousey folk sleeves.  
This little card doll is the last of my collection.  How would it be to have such long thick luscious dark hair?
Not me, mine has always been thin and blonde.

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Paulette said...

Are these pretty Polish beauties notecards? Your friend certainly brought you back a lovely gift from her travels.

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