Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Last Rose of the Summer

This song has been sung for over 206 years.  Do you know it? I didn't but we sung it at our monthly DUP. I learned that back in the time before Kleenex, everyone had handkerchiefs and when the price of a good handkerchief was 5 cents or 10 cents, that you needed to keep a good supply on hand and you had to make sure that they were ironed.  They cost a whole lot more these days and are hard to find. A small collection are below:

From Poland

The last two all white were used in temple dedication ceremonies.  They are very special to me because I have not attended that many dedications but the key is that they must be entirely white so the embroidery is white too. This last one has Mt. Timpanogos Temple on it and the year 1996 when it was dedicated.

Speaking of ironing - handkerchiefs were one of the very first things that my grandmother Clarissa taught me to iron on Tuesday, of course.  Monday was wash day and Tuesday was ironing day. We used to listen to the radio then - way before television came out. The Creaking Door was my favorite.  Does anyone remember that one?

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