Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making bracelets to a personalized size

Yesterday, I spent more of my earring making time in remaking three bracelets for special orders which match my earrings. Matching sets are the in thing and yet, you see on TV and in Ads that they are wearing whatever strikes them, not matching sets.

I've discovered an artist who makes the most unique rings.  I love his work.  He works in Italy but also spends a great deal of his time in Israel.  He uses some of the examples from Egyptian art to create his work.

I get a weekly massage and during this massage, I've been having a Chinese method of relaxing the knots with a special machine that has suction cups.  Sometimes, they leave great big bruises on my back and neck. This week I have one the size of a baseball - it kinda reminds me of crop circles.

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