Friday, January 28, 2011

What can I say?

I went to pick up a prescription at Costco today.  It was supposed to be ready around 2ish so I got there about 3 PM thinking that would be plenty of time for them to have it ready.  

When I asked for it, the young lady said "it's not quite ready, it will be about two minutes or so."  Fifteen minutes later, it was finally ready.  I was checking out with my Costco card and then reached in for my debit card to pay.  As I was getting ready to run my card through the machine, she said "no that won't work". I looked up with a question in my eyes and she said, "your drivers license won't work".  Well, what can I say, I grabbed the wrong plastic card.

We have too many plastic cards in our wallets these days.

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