Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As I was undressing in the locker room today and saw this young short woman wearing a black baseball cap that had printed on the front top "BABE" in large letters of sparkling rhinestones.  Well, I thought, did she buy that hat for herself or did someone buy it for her.  It was cute but does that mean she is stuck on herself? She was not THAT attractive. I named my cat Babe because he had such beautiful dark blue eyes. Now, the name fits him but not so much her.

I do deep water aerobics 3 times a week.  You put on a rubber float device around your waist and cinch it up as tight as you can.  After you walk into the water, you need to cinch it up again about an inch.  After all this, you can barely breathe but then you need to start jogging or doing cross country because the water is flippin cold!  After you warm up, you can breathe again.  Actually, it is a really fun class and we have three different teachers who all do different programs. Our teacher today was telling me that she would not be there for the next two weeks so I asked why. Well, she and her girlfriends are heading for Hawaii for two weeks. If there is a time to go to Hawaii, it is in the middle of winter.  When I lived in Alaska which is directly north of Hawaii, most people there who could afford it, took sun breaks in Hawaii.  In the winter the sun didn't come up until 10 AM and sunset was at 3 PM so that by 5 PM it was pitch black. Of course, it was just the opposite in the summertime. Sunset was a midnight and came up at 3 AM.

The blizzard was here but the sun came out a few minutes ago and the snow did not stick.  I am sure it will get more later.

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