Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Booty

I created a new look with these little boots made of sterling silver with a small inset turquoise stone. Large long earrings are in this season and this fits the bill.  They dangle around two inches.  Are boots in again?  I don't think they ever left the west.

I had a pair of grey swede pointy toed cowboy boots and a grey swede cowboy hat that covered my long blonde hair back in my single days. My friend Maurine and I used to ride around in her baby blue chevy convertible wearing our cowboy hats and boots.  We thought that we were the best in the west.

One day as we were driving south on State, we noticed a few motorcycles coming up beside us. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by motorcycles.  Hells angels from California had just surrounded us. They did some whistling and cat calls making both of us extremely nervous.  After about three blocks of this, they just took off.   Needless to say, we were very relieved that we didn't have to deal with them.  We were not fast like those California girls.

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