Monday, January 17, 2011

Found Abby

Abby our Calico cat went outside around the first week of December and never came home.  Two days ago we put up posters for a missing cat and said a prayer.  I thought that someone else adopted her or that she had a mishap with a car.  We said a prayer and the very next day we received a phone call.  It was from my friend who said she thought she saw her lying along side the road and the snow had melted enough that the cat was now uncovered.  I drove over to take a look but it was not our Abby. The next day I received another phone call from a family 3 blocks away who had her.  They were just getting ready to put up a poster of a found kitty with a photo when they saw our poster.  Sure enough, it was our Abby and she is now home.  It's been more than a month - isn't life amazing!

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Paulette said...

Welcome home kitty - you are now safe and in very good hands.

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