Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only six words

Snoop, researcher, writer, spiritual, daring and conservative.  That's me.  I've always been curious and love to snoop which brings in research and genealogy.  I just keep at it until I am successful. Writer - always writing something even if it is just a note of the to do list plus I made a living writing boring procedures on equipment for a manufacturing plant. Spiritual - very, I listen for the spirit, I pray, I attend church weekly and go to the temple (hopefully, at least once a month). Daring especially in my youth, I drove the Alcan highway to Alaska from Idaho by my self.  I stayed in Alaska 8 years.  I don't hesitate to contact a cousin to share genealogy information even though we have never met. Conservative, well that certainly is a contrast to daring but it is true anyway.  I dress conservatively and don't go for the outlandish styles in any form.

From all that, do I have enough Mojo to create? My daughter is a graphic designer and has been very successful in her profession but she has a BA degree from the University.  My great Uncle Tony was a graphic artist.  He used to hand draw bill boards for movie theaters and made his living with graphic art. Perhaps, some of that talent has rubbed off on me.

The photo is my first spiral top and bottomed earring.

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