Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Utah Ski Resorts Open This Week

I remember how much fun it was to ski down that mountainside.  I even learned to do mogols (bump after bump).  I must admit it was a bit hard on the knees but I didn't have a care then.  I was single and working as a medical secretary.  Oh, those were the days of my youth. I even went night skiing once but only once because I ended up doing a summersault landing on my skis but it scared me. 

Your looking at our eastern mountain range - the rocky mountains.
This was from our weekend of snow storms. I think it was Snowbird ski resort - they got 49 inches of snow so they will open this week. As I remember though, the very best skiing was in the spring in February and March; mainly because there was tons more snow and it was warmer.

This is the mountain range on the west side of us.  As you can see, the bit of snow that fell in the valley melted but if you go 30 miles to the north, they were pounded with heavy snow enough to cave in a few carports.


Paulette said...

How wonderful for you to have such a majestic view every day.

Anne said...

You live in a really beautiful place Ruth, I would never tire of such a gorgeous view.That is one heck of an amount of snow!

NanaDiana said...

What a gorgeous view and pretty place to live...BUT...you can keep the snow- xo Diana

Cranberry Morning said...

It is a beautiful view! And although I admire people who can ski mountains, it would definitely not be for me. I prefer to keep my skiing to a spectator sport - watching the winter Olympics. :-)

June said...

I'd rather look at the snowy mountains than ski down the slopes! I'm hopeless at ice skating let alone skiing!

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