Sunday, November 18, 2012

Murals in Poland

I have a board called Poland on my Pinterest.  Another person with Polish roots borrowed some of the photos that I found from Poland so I checked out her sight and walla - she had some mind blowing photos some of which I borrowed.

I still have a burning desire to visit Poland the land where my ancestors lived.  Maybe 2013 will be the year I can go - we shall see!

Street art by Sainer in Lodz, Poland

Mural in Lodz

Mural in Polska

It was in the city of Lodz that Stanislaw, my grandfather's oldest brother was a Parish Priest for the Catholic Church. During WWII when the Germans invaded Poland, they used Lodz as one of their gathering camps for the Jews before they were transported to death camps and other prisoners were held especially Polish Catholic Priests to work in their factories. Lodz became a ghetto.  

Stanislaw was sent to the first German Concentration camp in Dachau, Germany located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory just 10 miles NW of Munich. This camp served as  the central camp for Christian religious prisoners (at least 3,000 preachers, deacons, priests and bishops).  There was a special priest block. Out of 2,579 Catholic priests, 1,034 did not survive with the majority being Polish.  This is where Stanislaw died in October of 1941, probably from the horrific medical experiments that the bloodthirsty Germans performed on prisoners.


NanaDiana said...

Omgosh! Those are amazing. My husband's grandfather came here from Poland when he was just a baby and his parents settled in Minnesota. They went on to have 11 more kids. He was a wonderful man and visited his family in Poland when he was in his 60's. Blessings- xo Diana

Anne said...

They are amazing Ruth.I hope you get your wish to visit Poland.

June said...

The street art is spectacular. How horrendous the concerntration camps were. It is hard to consider that this happened less than a hundred years ago - how can one human be so brutal towards another. I hope you get to visit Poland in 2013.

Jane and Chris said...

I do so hope you get your wish to visit yout forebear's homeland. It's so important that their stories be heard.
Jane x

Rosie said...

What a very sad history Lodz has. I do hope you get to visit and see those wonderful murals yourself:)

Paulette said...

Let's just do it, enough talk.

Fit and Healthy Baby Boomers said...

Love the art. It would be a great experience to visit these places.

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