Friday, November 2, 2012


I am no longer in the know - I have not heard of the lalaloopsy doll but my sweet granddaughter Rachael became one on Halloween eve.
Here she is with her neon pink wig and bright orange and pink dress.  She has a new friend who just moved into their neighborhood. 
So here is lalaloopsy and some creature from Star Wars (my grandson) in sunny California.

My step daughter from Arizona sent a package of children's clothes and bunches of bracelets that she made to my daughter.  Well, Rachael likes all of those colorful bracelets and fancy dresses.  In fact, I made Rach two bracelets while I was staying with them.  It must be hard for my daughter who developed an extreme emotional dislike for pink to buy a neon pink wig.  What we don't do for our children!

Little Shannon had no choice but to wear a skeleton but she's cute in anything. It looks red but it is really a pink.

Tis Friday and I am grateful for my grandchildren who give me joy and laughter.

Twas a hard week except for gab lunches with my friends.  Ann told me about a new cafe in AF that made gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and soups. I always forget to take photos of food but I had a grilled cheese with artichoke, feta and dried tomato. The home made bread was cut thick and the combo was marvelous.

Twas marvelous that I was able to drive into Salt Lake and have a catch up gab fest and lunch at Kneaders with Becky my old pal from work.  I don't get out often enough because on the way into West Valley City, I missed my turn because they had built a new bridge over 7200 South and changed the road. 


NanaDiana said...

Ruth- What sweet little ones. It's amazing what new things come up for kids to love and want to emulate. They all look just so cute.
I am glad you got out for lunch with friends- I don't do that nearly enough either- xo Diana

Paulette said...

Cute, cute, cute.

Jo said...

Awww, they all look wonderful. I hadn't heard of Lalaloopsy, she can't have landed here in the UK yet, but another blogging friend's daughter dressed up as her for Halloween too, she must be all the rage over there. Your grilled cheese sandwich sounds delicious.

Lyn said...

Lots of imagination used by your grand daughter am
Nd love the Shannon's outfit too! Xxx

Lyn said...

Was Meant to say AND in the middle of that sentence! X

Susan said...

Oh Ruth, what adorable grandchildren. That little skeleton? Precious.

Your sandwich sounded very yum.

Sorry your week was hard. Hope the one coming is better! Susan

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