Friday, November 9, 2012

Bliss in November

I am joining in with Liv Lane's Little Bliss List today on this blustery snowy day. It feels like fall and winter are here with the wind roaring its head off and the point of the mountain pass between Salt Lake City and Utah County is getting blasted with snow.

I don't mind the snow when I don't have to go out in it - watching large snow flakes meandering to the ground can be soothing. We are blessed to have the very needed moisture. You might say we've been cracking earth dry.

I got really excited this morning when I opened my email and found an invitation to a pre-cruise party in Saratoga. The best part is that Saratoga is only 5 miles west of me and easy to get to.  Now my spirits are lifted up thinking about my up coming cruise on the Mexican Rivera.

I skyped with my daughter yesterday and saw my little Naomi stamp her feet with excitement to see grandma and her face lit up like an angel.  Baby Shannon still has dark hair and her own little stylish hair do - she looked at me with wide open eyes just wondering who in the world is that person talking.

My friend Ann called up out of the blue and asked to me join her for dinner Tuesday evening at the Texas Roadhouse. My mouth still waters when I think of the steaks we had. Again I forgot to take photos of the food but it really takes a very extraordinary photographer to get good photos of food and I don't fall into that category.

I couldn't help myself, I borrowed this photo from an email; some very clever talented person can photoshop very well.


Anne said...

HI Ruth, hope you have a great time on the cruise. Fantastic photo of the puss!

June said...

Great photo of the pusscat!

Paulette said...

Time is getting closer to you cruise and all the adventures you will have. So happy that you are going on this trip.

janice smith said...

That cat photo is hilarious! What a full life you have, Ruth!

Shopgirl said...

Have the best time ever on your trip :)....This cat picture is just to funny...We had a few flurries in selected towns, but it went right over my house without a dropping even rain. Soon we will be digging out, it will come. Big Hugs, thinking of you, Mary

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Ruth- I had that last picture as my picture on my email for years! So fun to see it again!

It sounds like you have been having a good time and keeping busy. Good for you. And a cruise? oh my! Blessings- xo Diana

Jo said...

Ha ha, so funny. How wonderful to be going on a cruise, and the pre cruise party sounds like fun. Aren't we lucky that we have all this technology so that we can keep in touch with family far away? Hope it isn't too cold where you are. I feel the same about snow, ok just so long as I can watch it from the window.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh My Gosh... SO Funny... Thanks for kind words... My lamp and shade you commented on ... I had a garage sale several years ago just to purchase that one lamp... I am so very glad I did.. I love it just as much to this very day... Sending best wishes,,

Lindsay Drya said...

So many things to be grateful for. Oh that little kitty is so funny!

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