Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Cousins Who Eloped

From the Montgomery County Newspaper; Lincoln County, Missouri – Yesterday (March 28, 1895) Clark Duncan and Miss Ada Owens (Owings) of Olney were united in the holy bonds of matrimony on the Short Line train while running between Troy and Moscow.  It seems that the bride’s parents objected to her one and only. She eloped with her lover and they boarded the train at Silex. As was pre-arranged, Rev. Samuel Eames got on the train at Troy and united them in marriage (Hannibal Journal).

Oh those runaway star crossed lovers! Their marriage was a success and they were blessed with two children and at least two grandchildren. 

I wish I had a photo of them but the only one I do have a photo of is Preacher Sam Eames - that is what they called him.

Taken in 1939, Preacher Sam Eames holding a great grandson.


Paulette said...

delightful story

Susan said...

Oh my, Ruth. Those were adventurous cousins! Love the earrings. Very pretty. Good luck with that dox appointment. Sometimes that happens to me, too.....rapid heart beat. Don't know why except I'm glad it's still beating. ha haha Susan

Shopgirl said...

I hope all goes well at the doctors, sometimes when we are nerves the heart beats a little fast...I am thinking of you.
The neckless is so make such lovely jewery. Think of you on the cold fall evening, Mary

Rosie said...

The Reverend must have believed that they would be all right together to have agreed to conduct the marriage, and on a train too. What a story:)

Liz said...

Imagine getting married on a train! What a great story!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Jo said...

That's a unique place for a marriage ceremony. They must have known their own hearts as the marriage lasted.

Jan said...

That's a brilliant story. How long were they on the train? Jx

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