Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Royals

Did you know Zara Phillips?  I didn't.  I guess I don't keep up with the royals.  According to the latest royal wedding, Zara Phillips was married to her boyfriend of 8 years.  Eight years is a mighty long time - why the wait?

Zara is the granddaughter of the Queen. Her mother Princess Anne and Zara wore the same tiara at their weddings. Originally the tiara was given to the Queen as a gift in 1947. Princess Alice wore the tiara first, thus it could be a royal tradition.


She married a Rugby player, Mike Tindal.

Princess Alice

Princess Ann wearing the same Tiara

Hats are very interesting at the royal weddings.  This one looks a little one sided.

Kate in two different hats.

I gotta admit, the British beat us for stylish hats.  I think America is nuts about shoes.

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