Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving Day

Even though I am not moving, it was a very stressful day when my daughter and family moved out of my house. Since I gave my old couch to the goodwill to make room for my daughter's gigantic chocolate brown u (square u) shaped sectional set, I am in need of a new sofa. Lucky me! But first, the carpets are in desperate need of a good steam cleaning.

I would definitely would have to visit Vegas, New York City or LA to see the real McCoy like this yellow diamond.  Have you ever seen a diamond that large, let alone a yellow one? Well, I never have.

Why hasn't anyone invented that may I ask?

One of my favorite authors is Josi Kilpack - from her book Blackberry Crumble, today I made one of her recipes only I substituted blueberries.  I thought it was hard taking photos of earrings, food is a whole different matter.  There is definitely an art to taking photos of food!

I jump for joy when I find an exceptional author who writes murder mysteries and this lady has jumped into both fields - a murder mystery and a recipe book.  Every so often, she plops in a recipe at the end of a chapter.

Blueberry crumble

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