Monday, August 8, 2011

Donuts and Chocolate Milk

Wadley Farms turned its land into a fancy Cinderella property.  It is tucked away in an Orem neighborhood and no one would ever know it was there unless they were invited or accidentally drove by the place.

 Wadley Farm Reception Areas

As we entered this wonderland of flowers and Irish greenery, we passed a scalloped three-tiered stone fountain.  The grounds were delightful and there were numerous custom-made stone castles - you can't beat that! As we entered the French doors to the first building, a sparkling chandelier drew our attention. After signing the guest registry, we walked past the center table toward the Tuscany style fireplace.
The Bride and Groom were about 18 or 19 (to be so young is unusual for weddings these days). After going through the congratulatory line which consisted only of the bride and groom, we headed for the goodie table.  To my amazement, there were donuts and individual chocolate milk and white milk cartons. Never in all my years have I ever seen donuts and milk at a wedding reception.  I have seen a ice cream sundae bar at a wedding reception and it too was serve yourself. There were also a variety of cakes and an enormously tall glass punch dispenser. It was a serve yourself affair.

After visiting with friends, we walked around the grounds and saw two more buildings being built with the same rock.  Apparently, business is so good that they are expanding so that more than one function can be held at a time.

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