Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Sahara

Little Sahara Mountain
I found this gadget which turned the backseat of my car into a bed for my kids when they were little. Being a single parent, the only way I could have a vacation was to go camping.  Off to Little Sahara we went in my delicious plum colored Pontiac Lemans.  Back then, cars still had some style to them - not like the little boxy cars or boxy mini vans that we have now a days.

Camper City

Camping at Little Sahara sand dunes was free then, but of course, there's a big ole fee attached now. The State of Utah saw its chance to make gazillion bucks off all those who liked to play in the sand dunes.

I must admit that it was like a little city on weekends with tents, RVs, and campers. A lot of the campers brought their 3-wheelers before they were outlawed to be unsafe. It is one of the world's largest sandboxes.
Mountain Skiing

They say that the great horned owls are one of the birds of prey that nest in the juniper inside of Rockwell Outstanding Natural Area, which neighbors Little Sahara. I've never seen one.

Big Horned Owl

Ridge on top

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