Monday, August 22, 2011

Idaho Sand Dunes - Bruneau

What can I say, sand dunes are fascinating, especially inland where you would never think that a sand dune would be.  I've been to the dunes on the Oregon coast but trips to Bruneau when I lived in Boise was a wonder to behold.  It takes less than an hour to drive there from Boise, Idaho. 

There is a small lake close by and a tiny pond.  You had to climb down about 30 feet to get to the pond. Back in my dare you do it days, my husband and I went skinny dipping in the small pond.  It was the most outrageous thing that I had ever done.  As we were enjoying the cool water, we looked upwards to the ledge of the road and saw people looking down at us.  I was so embarrassed so you can imagine me scrambling out of the water and hurriedly trying to get dressed while being soaking wet. We had no towels!

This sand dune had lots of tiny tracks too.

This is the lake where a variety of fish called "Crappie"  and Sunfish live.  I caught a two-inch sunfish once and took it home to the tiny one bedroom trailer that I was renting at the time.  I put the fish in my aquarium and used to dig in the garden for worms. I would hand feed it worms. It would come right up to the top of the water to get that squirming slimy wiggly worm. I even washed the worm off so that dirt would not get into my aquarium. I had a drape across the hallway of multi-colored beads for a bedroom door - flashy hippie style. It was the perfect place to rent while I was going to college.

 We caught a mess of Crappie on another trip and took them home to eat.
Top of Bruneau sand dunes.

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